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Suggested Heritage Trips

Canyon Echoes: Bailey to Kenosha Pass

Platte Canyon has been a destination for visitors since gold strikes drew thousands of prospectors in the 1860s, followed by wagon trains from the East. After blasting its way through Platte Canyon in 1878, The Denver, South Park & Pacific Railway became a mighty engine of economic growth. At one point nearly 300 area residents were employed felling trees or tending 39 charcoal kilns in the Kenosha Pass area. (read more...)

Iron Rails, From Bust to Rust: Como & Boreas Pass

In 1860, crews of men from both sides of the Great Divide hacked out a wagon trail over Breckenridge Pass. The D,SP&P Railroad was later extended from Como to Breckenridge along the same route. Now called Boreas Pass, this 21-mile journey begins in the historic railroad town of Como. (read more...)

Trailing Down The Tarryall: The Tarryall Valley

Starting in the town of Jefferson, the 35-mile Tarryall Valley personifies Euro-American settlement in Park County. The legacies of ranchers, miners, educators and others are portrayed in weathered buildings, cemetery epitaphs and on the agrarian landscape itself. (read more...)

Water, Gold & Silverheels: Fairplay & Alma

Following Native American hunters, Spanish explorers and French trappers, in 1859 prospectors discovered gold in the South Platte River. Fair Play (now Fairplay) was the first mining camp that sprang up in every gulch and gulley. Only Fairplay and Alma remain today, but evidence of 19th-Century mines, mills and towns are still visible across this mountain landscape. (read more...)

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