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Tarryall School

This simple wood frame rural schoolhouse and associated teacherage served the Tarryall community from 1921 to 1949. Construction of the school reflected the importance of education and a desire for community permanence. Two single-hole outhouses were added by the Works Projects Administration (WPA) during the Great Depression. An on-site interpretive exhibit describes the school in greater detail.

31000 County Road 77
TarryallCO  80827
(719) 748-3015

Hours of Operation
A roadside interpretive exhibit permits self-guided tours of the building's exterior at any time. Interior tours are available by appointment only.
Tarryall School is located on County Road 77, about 13 miles northwest of Lake George.
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Travel Tips
Tarryall School is one of several interpretive sites that make up the Tarrayall Valley driving tour. Roadside exhibits have been constructed at seven sites and many other historic ranch structures can be viewed along County Road 77.
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